How It All Started

With almost 2 decades of experience in pest and termite control servicing customers and leading teams, Salvatore Dimino is a trusted provider and an expert in the industry.

Salvatore has worked for some of the largest pest control companies in the nation and is now taking this expertise to his own company.

Started in early 2020, Dimino Pest Control prides itself on providing concierge services by none other than Salvatore himself.

An Army veteran, Salvatore is devoted to others who have served and works to support other small businesses.

Originally from Miami, Salvatore moved to the triangle area in 2010 and now is an expert in treating to reduce pests native to this area.

Salvatore holds multiple certifications including:

  • State License #2129PW from North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
  • Certified in Foundations of Termite Management – University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Entomology and Nematology Department
  • Certified – QualityPro
  • Certified – Smith System
  • Certified – AIB International (Food Safety Inspections)
  • Certified – Commercial Services
  • Certified – Termite and Pest Management Sales
  • Certified – Frontline Customer Service
  • Termite Biology and Control Certification – Texas A&M
  • Pest Management Technology – Purdue University


Salvatore Dimino
Dimino Pest Control

The Trusted Service Provider for the
City of Morrisville

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Salvatore Dimino


Leslie Dimino

Cofounder and Marketing Director


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